It’s All About the <C0DE>.

A key step in the strategy of managing the variability of email clients is through great coding—I call it Visionary Coding.

One of my passions is email design and coding. This is an area of expertise that challenges me on a daily basis. The arena of email marketing inherently presents a moving target when comes to implementing successful email campaigns. Proper coding is the difference maker in achieving campaigns that are on-brand and error-free.

Whether marketers choose to admit it or not, it’s challenging to create a single email design because of the various factors involved. It takes a focused strategy to navigate a landscape that has the potential to change on a daily basis. The rendering of any individual email changes depending on the multitude of email clients, the way they render the email, screen sizes and a multitude of other factors. Each poses issues that can derail the hopes of successfully deploying any email campaign.

It’s staggering when you realize that every email you send has the potential of more than 15,000 different renderings. Considering this fact alone, you can begin to see the need for a comprehensive strategy to properly designing and coding emails to meet the challenge.

A key step in the strategy of managing the variety of email clients is through great coding—I call it Visionary Coding.

Visionary Coding Compatability

Visionary Coding is compatible with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and 28 other Email Service Providers. It can easily be uploaded to your preferred Email Service Provider.

The strategy begins with deploying a consistent workflow that, at its core, uses constant testing that insures that the rendering and functionality of every email meets the challenge that variable email clients present. And, testing goes a long way to insuring that the code will work when imported into your favorite Email Service Provider—increasing conversion rates and getting more ROI from your email marketing efforts.

While doing this takes time and involves coding expertise, the effort is well worth it. As a result, email code that has gone through the test rendering process has generated an average ROI of 44-to-1. And with such a rate of return, no wonder email continues to be a marketing powerhouse. In fact, 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up social media over email.

And even beyond ROI, email preview testing correlates strongly with success. Any email marketer who describe their email marketing programs as successful are 20% more likely to test every email they send.

Results Oriented Toward Success

As a result of Visionary Coding, I can quickly and thoroughly test every email I code and deliver more efficiency and accuracy.

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Alex Pasieka